NZ Herald: Stalemate on Glaciergate

The NZ Herald features an article looking at the recent Glaciergate controversy, in which the IPCC incorrectly claimed in a recent document that Himalay’s glaciers could be gone by 2035.

The mistake, brought to the attention of the IPCC by a reviewer, has served to further polarise opinions about the IPCC.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“At this early stage the jury is out though both sides of this heated debate say little has altered to change their views: climate change sceptics say the IPCC’s ludicrous conclusion that Himalayan glaciers could be gone by 2035 – just 25 years away – serves as a reminder of its poor science and dangerous tendency to exaggerate .

“Not so, insists the climate change camp. All that the rather large mistake reveals are inadequate review processes at the IPCC, whose reports summarise climate research for policy makers around the world.”