The Press: Salinger sacking ruled justifiable

Paul Gorman of The Press reports on the outcome of the enquiry into whether climate scientist Jim Salinger’s sacking by NIWA was acceptable.

The Employment Relations Authority has ruled that the sacking was justifiable, and that Salinger has no sase for a personal grievance against NIWA – Salinger has said he still has to decide what to do about the ruling.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Salinger told The Press it was too early to decide what he would do next.

“”I have got to reflect on the options; discuss it with my legal counsel,” he said. “It’s a pity that the decision went that way when I have been working very well with the Niwa senior climate scientists on climate issues.”

“Niwa chief executive John Morgan welcomed the decision after Salinger’s “repeated breaches of Niwa policy”.

“”It is always disappointing when there is a breakdown in an employment relationship, particularly with a long-standing employee, and I am sure there are lessons to be learnt on both sides,” he said.