Dom Post: Seismic survey using Kiwi software

Attempts to survey the Pegasus basin, as well as several other potentially oil-bearing subsea areas, are to be helped along software developed in Wellington.

The software, developed by GNS Science’s business unit Globe Charitas, helps to analyse seismic data and check that it is being gathered properly.  As drilling becomes more difficult, software such as this has dual value in helping to reduce risk as well as reduce decision time

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Reflect Geophysical and Global Claritas customer Quantum Geoservices are carrying out the survey for Crown Minerals. Quantum is an existing customer of Globe Claritas and is using its software on board the survey vessel MV Bergen Resolution to check seismic data is being correctly gathered and to get a first glimpse of the geology.

“”This data is so expensive to gather it is really important to get an immediate look as it comes on to the board,” Dr Darby says.

“The survey involves firing sound waves generated from an air gun tethered to the back of the ship and then recording the “echoes” as these reverberate and bounce back from layers of rock under the sea. Dr Darby says in some cases it is possible to directly infer the presence of gas from data that is gathered, but not with any absolute certainty.

“The raw seismic data along with interpretation reports will be offered free to oil companies, which may be able to bid for exploration licences. Dr Darby expects some oil companies will use Globe Claritas at this later stage. “Our software is used at all different stages through the exploration process.””