The Press: Climate scientists attack criticism

An article in The Press by environment reporter Paul Gorman looking at claims by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition that NIWA has manipulated historical temperature data to show a warming trend over the last 100 years.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

Renwick said there were several reasons for adjusting the temperature record, including introducing new thermometers or sensors to a weather site, and changes to its exposure caused by growing vegetation or urbanisation.

For example, the Wellington figures had to be adjusted down when the official weather site moved from the Thorndon waterfront to Kelburn.

“That’s a move up of about 120 metres – that is the equivalent of a degree of cooling.”

The claims were “more of the same” with Copenhagen only 10 days away.

“This implies that people such as myself have some agenda and we’re deliberately trying to do something funny and we are going to profit from it. I’d actually just like to get on with my work.”