Sunday Star Times: Update on the undead from science’s bat-cave

Susan Pepperell from the Sunday Star Times writes about the upcoming Cafe Scientifique gathering in Hamilton, where Kiwi scientists will explore some of the year’s more unusual findings from the frontiers of scientific research.

Topics will range from fruit bats’ mating rituals to a paper entitled “Why Does Public Transport Not Arrive On Time?”.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“[The public transport] research was done by Mexican scientists who have proven what commuters have known since the advent of public transport: the longer you wait for a bus, the greater the chance that two will come along almost simultaneously.

“The scientists recommend:

“* Don’t get on a crowded bus. If a crowded bus arrives after you’ve been waiting for ages, it’s very probable that empty buses won’t be far behind. Waiting might mean getting to your destination faster.

“* Let people get off before you try to get on. Trying to “win” and get on before everybody else only causes more delays.

“* If you do get on a crowded bus, don’t stand near the doors. “Giving space to ascending and descending people will accelerate the travel.”

“Waikato University’s Dr Marcus Wilson, who helps organise Cafe Scientifique, admitted that while the research was sound, the recommendations were an exercise in stating the obvious.

“But it does prove that it’s not just our perception, it is actually true.

“* Cafe Scientifique is open to the public and meets at Hamilton’s The Bank on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

“* Cafe Scientifique also meets in Wellington in Te Papa at Espresso on Level 4 on the first Thursday of the month (except Dec, Jan) at 6.30pm, and at Cafe Reka at The New Dowse, Laings Road, Lower Hutt on the last Thursday of the month (except Dec, Jan) at 6pm.”