ODT: Low-GI sugar comes in for caning

John Lewis of the Otago Daily Times reports that new, low-GI sugar is not the answer to New Zealand’s problems with obesity and diabetes, according to a leading expert.

Professor Jim Mann, of the University of Otago, has said that while the science behind the new low glycemic-index (GI) sugar is interesting, its makers’ claims of health benefits are premature.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Chelsea Sugar launched LoGiCane yesterday – a natural cane sugar refined in a way which makes it slower to digest, metabolise and absorb, providing longer-lasting energy and increasing feelings of fullness.

“The company claims LoGiCane provides consumers with a healthier choice without compromising on taste or texture.

“In a statement from Chelsea New Zealand, Dr Alan Barclay of the Glycemic Index Foundation said replacing white refined sugar with a healthier low GI sugar alternative could have significant benefits for public health.

“Prof Mann said there was no evidence to show LoGiCane sugar would provide any health benefits to New Zealanders, particularly those who had diabetes or were obese.”