NZ Herald: Wool researchers spin a good yarn

Heather McCracken of the New Herald discusses the progress made by New Zealand researchers into finding the perfect pyjama textile.

The fabric, made of wool, doesn’t shrink, need drycleaning, or, pivotally, itch. It’s the culmination of 25 years’ research into why wool makes people itchy, and pyjamas featuring it might be available next year, although sheets could take longer.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“That woolly itch, often mistaken for allergic reaction, is related to the size of the wool fibres. The smaller the fibre, the softer the wool.

“Non-itch woollen fabric is made by selecting particularly fine merino fibres, which are spun into a compact yarn.

“The spinning technology, which uses single-ply yarn, rather than standard double-ply, has taken more than eight years to develop.

“The yarn is woven into fabric and finished to a smooth surface, without any protruding fibres, or “hairs”.”