The Press: Sir Don Beaven feared dead after house fire

Ian Steward of The Press reports that Sir Don Beaven, a renowned Christchurch medical professor, is feared dead following a fire at his back in Little Akaloa last night.

It appears that Sir Beaven, who was particularly well-known as an expert on diabetes, its prevention and treatment, attempted to fight the fire, but instead succumbed to it.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“[Sir Don Beaven] was a pioneer in major developments in diabetes treatment and prevention and in many initiatives in public health.

“This year he was immortalised in a bronze bust, one of the 12 “local heroes” on display outside the Arts Centre.

“He was a tireless promoter of healthy living and a founder of the region’s wine-growing industry.

“Beaven was foundation professor of the Christchurch School of Medicine, and had held medical appointments and fellowships all over the world.”