$66 million in 2009 Marsden Fund grants – full details

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Contact PI Institution Total

09-AGR-029 Breaking the mould: a novel mechanism of hyphal growth   in fungal symbionts of grasses Dr CR Voisey AgResearch $825,000.00
09-AGR-003 How air affects mutation and adaptation – a dissection of the evolutionary process Dr CD Moon AgResearch $760,000.00
09-AUT-015 Corporate chameleons, greenwashing and counter-narratives Dr H Tregidga AUT $300,000.00
09-ESR-006 Epithelial cell wound repair: a  novel in vitro approach to   elucidate meningococcal virulence mechanisms Dr JK MacKichan ESR $300,000.00
09-GNS-011 Blobs or slabs: how does the mantle lithosphere shorten during continental collision? Dr B Fry GNS Science $300,000.00
09-GNS-018 Subduction’s slippery slope: how fluid flow controls fault behaviour on the subduction interface Dr SA Henrys GNS Science $956,000.00
09-GNS-014 Revealing the role of surface states in PbSe nanocrystals Dr DA Carder GNS Science $300,000.00
09-IRL-008 “The irony of spin” – complex and competing magnetic and electronic interactions in Fe-based compounds Dr GVM Williams Industrial Research Ltd $750,000.00
09-LCR-001 Evolution of cold tolerance in New Zealand alpine stick  insects Dr TR Buckley Landcare Research $775,000.00
09-LCR-005 Do mycorrhizal fungi determine ecosystem fate? Dr IA Dickie Landcare Research $805,000.00
09-MAU-009 Looking over a four-leaf clover: structural characterisation of  a critical picornaviral RNA clover  leaf and its interaction with a viral fusion protein Dr SM Pascal Massey University $735,000.00
09-MAU-017 Proteins from pieces: subdomain assembly in the evolution of   protein structure Dr WM Patrick Massey University $740,000.00
09-MAU-114 Gene function in context: from molecules to morphology Dr VV Symonds Massey University $300,000.00
09-MAU-140 Optimal chemical and physical conditions for the origin of RNA life forms Professor GB Jameson Massey University $860,000.00
09-MAU-037 Untangling complex evolution: when the Tree of Life is not a tree at all Dr BR Holland Massey University $519,000.00
09-MAU-111 Exploding the pyroclastic-flow enigma with life-scalable experiments Assoc Prof SJ Cronin Massey University $789,000.00
09-MAU-084 Advances in scattering theory and solvable models Professor G J Martin Massey University $600,000.00
09-MAU-044 Geodesics in diffeomorphism  groups: geometry and applications Dr SR Marsland Massey University $525,000.00
09-MAU-110 Lost in transit? Investigating the imbalanced world of  erosion and deposition Dr G Lube Massey University $300,000.00
09-MAU-048 Icy tornadoes in the quantum   world – Josephson junctions of Bose-Einstein condensates Dr J Brand Massey University $851,000.00
09-MAU-117 Young adults, drinking stories and the cult of celebrity Dr AC Lyons Massey University $864,000.00
09-MIM-003 Towards better vaccines: investigating the role of langerin+CD8(alpha)+ dendritic cells in innate and adaptive immunity Dr IF Hermans Malaghan Institute $804,000.00
09-NIW-005 Double diffusion generated by vertical ice walls Dr CL Stevens NIWA $609,000.00
09-PAF-008 Channelling scent: how insects smell using ligand-gated calicum channels Assoc Prof RD Newcomb Plant and Food $960,000.00
09-UOA-067 Teaching an old brain new tricks Dr B Thompson University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-078 How are the correct synaptic connections maintained to ensure correct sensory function? Dr JM Montgomery University of Auckland $841,000.00
09-UOA-127 Human anti-platelet auto-antibodies – are we overlooking their protective function? Dr ML Kalev-Zylinska University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-204 Finding the source of the stem cell stream Dr MA Curtis University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-177 Searching for sirtuins secrets  in skeletal muscle Dr JA Edge University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-107 Ocean acidification: a physiological and environmental challenge for marine calcifiers Dr MA Sewell University of Auckland $840,000.00
09-UOA-105 Sound as an orientation cue: how far offshore can pre-settlement fish and crabs detect it from? Dr CA Radford University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-001 Do marine fishes break the rules of hindgut fermentation? Assoc Prof KD Clements University of Auckland $780,000.00
09-UOA-116 Are all individuals created equal? Testing Hubbell’s neutral theory Dr G Lear University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-121 Does complex tool manufacture require specific cognitive and neural adaptations? Dr GR Hunt University of Auckland $795,000.00
09-UOA-130 The evolution of animal genitalia: does sexual conflict drive the rapid evolution of complex male structures of moths? Dr GI Holwell University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-117 Disasters and asset pricing Professor H Berkman University of Auckland $367,000.00
09-UOA-171 Determining the distribution  of prehistoric dryland agriculture throughout the Hawaiian Islands Assoc Prof TN Ladefoged University of Auckland $527,000.00
09-UOA-173 Redrawing the Polynesian  Triangle: Did Polynesian   settlement extend to South America? Professor E Matisoo-Smith University of Otago $710,000.00
09-UOA-052 Beethoven’s middle period string quartets in context: ideology, performance, reception Dr NR November University of Auckland $285,000.00
09-UOA-023 Slavery in Maori society: myths  and realities to c. 1860 Dr H Petrie University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-038 Grace: the ethics of unmerited favour Dr GA Pettigrove University of Auckland $270,000.00
09-UOA-099 Optimal task scheduling on parallel systems Dr O Sinnen University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-019 Algebra for user interface customization Dr C Lutteroth University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-022 Degenerate operators Dr AFM ter Elst University of Auckland $465,000.00
09-UOA-031 Efficient analysis with biased samples Professor CJ Wild University of Auckland $600,000.00
09-UOA-098 Probing the effects of oxidative stress on cellular membranes Dr DJ McGillivray University of Auckland $300,000.00
09-UOA-076 Exceptionally ductile magnesium alloys Professor W Gao University of Auckland $840,000.00
09-UOA-091 Biological economies: knowing and making new rural value relations Professor R Le Heron University of Auckland $761,000.00
09-UOA-046 Te Ao Tawhito: the ancient Maori world Prof Dame Anne Salmond University of Auckland $735,000.00
09-UOA-212 Confronting the contradictions of New Zealand’s embedded neoliberalism in a post-neoliberal era Professor J Kelsey University of Auckland $336,000.00
09-UOC-013 Evolution of the unnecessary: did a key step in translation in bacteria evolve from invading selfish DNA? Professor JA Heinemann University of Canterbury $620,000.00
09-UOC-076 Why is the most abundant enzyme in the world lacking specificity? Dr FG Pearce University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOC-014 Genetic diversity and recombination analysis of geminiviruses in Australasia Dr A Varsani University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOC-017 Uncorking volcanoes – the textural evolution of volcanic plugs Dr B Kennedy University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOC-023 Did Indonesian tectonic uplift change ocean circulation and global climate 3-4 Myr ago? Dr M Quigley University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOC-008 New mathematical tools to unravel complex ancestry Assoc Prof CA Semple University of Canterbury $576,000.00
09-UOC-045 Modelling gene trees in species trees and networks Dr JH Degnan University of Canterbury $282,000.00
09-UOC-066 Extra dimensions, dark energy and mysteries of the Universe Dr I Neupane University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOC-012 Probing metal oxide surfaces: investigating the origins of electron accumulation Assoc Prof SM Durbin University of Canterbury $780,000.00
09-UOC-102 Glycosylation with endohexosaminidases; synthetic access to defined homogenous glycopeptides and glycoproteins Assoc Prof AF Fairbanks University of Canterbury $844,000.00
09-UOC-080 Probing the structure and femtosecond dynamics of excited states of lanthanide phosphor materials Assoc Prof MF Reid University of Canterbury $900,000.00
09-UOC-085 Spin crossover driven molecular switches triggered by external stimuli: toward spin-switching chemosensors Assoc Prof PE Kruger University of Canterbury $700,000.00
09-UOC-044 A study of English identity in three British settler societies, circa 1854-1914 Dr R Vokes University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOC-099 Prospective evaluation of the validity and nature of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) Dr BC McNeill University of Canterbury $300,000.00
09-UOO-043 The two faces of WTX in      human development Professor SP Robertson University of Otago $840,000.00
09-UOO-063 Sex steroids: new regulators of    brain SOCS Dr GM Anderson University of Otago $735,000.00
09-UOO-064 New pathways for new      learning – probing a novel     brain circuit for associating environmental stimuli with rewards Assoc Prof BI Hyland University of Otago $880,000.00
09-UOO-096 Dopamine and learning – it’s all         in the timing Dr JNJ Reynolds University of Otago $960,000.00
09-UOO-104 Hormonal regulation of bodyweight in reproduction Dr CH Brown University of Otago $820,000.00
09-UOO-138 Does stimulation of the vestibular inner ear enhance memory? Professor PF Smith University of Otago $900,000.00
09-UOO-172 Infertility, body fat and kisspeptin: making the connections Dr JH Quennell University of Otago $300,000.00
09-UOO-182 The transcription factor code: maintaining neuronal identity      and function in the adult brain Dr SM Hughes University of Otago $935,000.00
09-UOO-065 Why are hydrogenases found      in the genomes of aerobic bacteria? Professor GM Cook University of Otago $810,000.00
09-UOO-136 A bee-line into memory    mechanisms Professor AR Mercer University of Otago $975,000.00
09-UOO-177 Bacterial protection against phage infections Dr PC Fineran University of Otago $753,000.00
09-UOO-118 Regulation of photosynthetic   electron transport under low    oxygen conditions Dr TC Summerfield University of Otago $300,000.00
09-UOO-133 Investigating the genetic basis for and adaptive significance of cryptic female choice in an external fertiliser – the    chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tschawytscha)

Professor NJ Gemmell University of Otago $870,000.00
09-UOO-175 Ocean acidification: calcifiers are only the tip of the iceberg Assoc Prof CL Hurd University of Otago $915,000.00
09-UOO-012 Health and social change in prehistoric Southeast Asia Dr SE Halcrow University of Otago $300,000.00
09-UOO-074 “Do you remember this?”  age-  related changes in the effect of  verbal reminders Professor H Hayne University of Otago $865,000.00
09-UOO-106 Lapita diet and health in Vanuatu: human adaptation     to a virgin island environment Dr HR Buckley University of Otago $604,000.00
09-UOO-164 First contact: environmental shifts, faunal collapse and the Polynesian settlement of New Zealand Mr C Jacomb University of Otago $777,000.00
09-UOO-057 Effect of fluids on the strength   of the mid-crustal coupling     zone on major faults: insights from New Zealand’s Alpine   Fault Dr VG Toy University of Otago $300,000.00
09-UOO-078 Solving the mystery of sustained ocean fertility at the Subantarctic Front. Seismic oceanography gives   us the means Dr AR Gorman University of Otago $693,000.00
09-UOO-005 A new paradigm of medieval literary anonymity Dr SC Marshall University of Otago $227,000.00
09-UOO-003 Global simulation of gravitational waves from isolated systems Professor J Frauendiener University of Otago $885,000.00
09-UOO-069 Iron’s role in the enzyme cysteine dioxygenase: mechanism and biological relevance Dr GNL Jameson University of Otago $810,000.00
09-UOO-093 The quantum dipole gas Dr PB Blakie University of Otago $720,000.00
09-UOO-023 Mothers’ darlings: children of indigenous women and World War Two American servicemen in New Zealand and South  Pacific societies

Assoc Prof JA Bennett University of Otago $917,000.00
09-UOW-035 What counts as healthy food? balancing organizational tensions between private and public agendas. Dr AM Henderson University of Waikato $300,000.00

Sustainability at the cross roads: examining the vulnerability of New Zealand’s global environmental positioning Professor JP Roper University of Waikato $773,000.00
09-UOW-041 Sustainable citizenship: transforming public engagement  on new and emerging technologies Assoc Prof P Kurian University of Waikato $559,000.00
09-UOW-072 APAKURA: the Maori way of death. Professor N Te Awekotuku University of Waikato $948,000.00
09-VUW-142 Cracking the non-ribosomal code Dr DF Ackerley Victoria University $912,000.00
09-VUW-123 Corals in a changing world: establishing a physiological mechanism for current and future patterns of reef distribution Dr SK Davy Victoria University $960,000.00
09-VUW-008 How does Antarctica ride the Milankovitch cycle? Professor TR Naish Victoria University $870,000.00
09-VUW-028 Ruamoko’s rumbles: understanding magma movement and time varying seismic properties Professor MK Savage Victoria University $721,000.00
09-VUW-168 Ups and downs of subduction Professor TA Stern Victoria University $735,000.00
09-VUW-121 Pulsating white dwarf stars: unique astrophysical laboratories Professor DJ Sullivan Victoria University $549,000.00
09-VUW-011 The morphology of current English Professor L Bauer Victoria University $619,000.00
09-VUW-083 The Printers’ Web: typographical journals and global communication  networks in the nineteenth century

Dr SJ Shep Victoria University $564,000.00
09-VUW-099 Why Europe? European expansion, industrialization, and divergence, 1500-2000 Professor JC Belich Victoria University $840,000.00
09-VUW-063 History of Liverpool as a trading port, 1700-1850 Dr SD Behrendt Victoria University $552,000.00
09-VUW-047 Topics in mathematical general relativity and theoretical cosmology Professor M Visser Victoria University $475,000.00
09-VUW-026 Randomness, degree theory, higher computability: new interactions Dr N Greenberg Victoria University $575,000.00
09-VUW-027 Iwasawa theory for supersingular primes Dr B Kim Victoria University $300,000.00
09-VUW-036 Rota’s conjecture for the five-element field Dr D Mayhew Victoria University $300,000.00
09-VUW-115 Contiguity theory for set-parametric problems of statistics Professor EV Khmaladze Victoria University $470,000.00
09-VUW-071 Optical properties of metallic nano-particles for ultra-sensitive molecule detection Dr EC Le Ru Victoria University $300,000.00
Total (New contracts) $65,194,000.00

Contract Project Contact PI Institution Total
IRL0601 Quantum soup: what is the quantum fluid in high-temperature superconductors? Professor JL Tallon Industrial Research Ltd $430,000.00
UOC0606 IceCube: neutrino window on the universe DR J Adams University of Canterbury $485,000.00
Total (Extended contracts) $915,000.00