ODT: Joint Force Robotics

An opinion piece in the Otago Daily Times talks about the growing sophistication of warfare robotics, and the hope of some that combat robots could come to replace almost every function currently played by humans in warfare.

It goes on to compare this with Minister Wayne Mapp’s suggestion of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, which are mostly used for purposes such as surveillance and missile strikes, as an element in fisheries surveillance or even searching for lost vessels.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Robot drones could with considerable economy monitor our vast exclusive economic zone and the Defence Force is reportedly assessing them with possible purchase in mind.

“Dr Mapp believes the use of drones may form part of the Defence White Paper on the future needs and functions of our armed services, at present being prepared.

“There seems no reason why they should not be; indeed, why military robots cannot be seriously considered for uses across the army, navy and air force.

“The efforts by the Australian Government, which is using drones in Afghanistan and plans to have at least one for maritime surveillance by next year, will likely influence their inclusion in the New Zealand White Paper.”