Dominion Post: Emission myths that threaten NZ

An opinion piece in the Dominion Post about the current ETS, and the four myths about climate change policy on which it rests.

The opinion piece was provided by 4 academics from Victoria University: Ralph Chapman (associate professor), Andy Reisinger (senior researcher), Jonathan Boston ( professor) and Judy Lawrence (senior associate).

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The deal between National and the Maori Party over the emissions trading scheme raises serious questions about strategic policymaking in New Zealand.

“The agreement has positive features – a price on carbon will apply from mid- 2010 in some sectors – but it raises concerns about the capacity of our democratic institutions to serve the common good of New Zealand and avoid capture by vested interests.

“The deal rests on four myths about climate change policy.

“[The four myths] have resulted in a low-quality public policy agreement. This may reflect the poor quality of independent climate policy analysis in this country. Second, we now have a policy hotchpotch at a time when a strategic vision in support of urgent action is needed.

“Critically, the deal is intensely myopic, creating escalating future costs by deferring inevitable adjustment. A far-sighted and enduring policy is required, based on a broad consensus, that benefits both the economy and the environment. The National/Maori deal is not durable as it is out of line with New Zealand’s long-term strategic needs and interests.”