Stuff Technology: Google ‘evangelist’ sees web, brain implant link

Vint Cerf, vice-president of Google, is visiting New Zealand to speak at a conference on the looming lack of web addresses.  He is also widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of the internet, and has been talking about his visions for the internet’s future.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Vint Cerf, vice-president and “chief internet evangelist” of tech giant Google, foresees the introduction of internet capability to existing neural interface technology such as cochlear implants, allowing, as an example, web radio played direct from computer to brain.

“He is also involved in work to send internet infrastructure into space to create “a communications backbone between space-faring nations”.

“Cerf predicts the falling cost and rising sophistication of programmable devices will allow the internet to be widely embedded in inanimate objects, leading to revolutions in automated shipping and inventory control.

“Some of these capabilities are already starting to be realised: Cerf’s wine cellar is internet- enabled, sending him a text message when temperature and humidity levels become unfavourable.”