NZ Herald: New Zealand to take lead in emissions initiative

An article in the New Zealand Herald by Fran O’Sullivan outlining a research-based global alliance to reduce agricultural emissions.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The Groser-led initiative will be up for discussion during meetings with Australasian politicians, senior business people and officials in Sydney over the next two days.

“He told the Business Herald the proposal entailed a globally co-ordinated research effort on how to mitigate agricultural emissions.

“New Zealand will be the centre responsible for livestock, another country will have responsibility for research on soil sequestration and another on co-ordinating methane emissions from rice fields.

“In the past, research used to be a dirty word,” said Groser. “It was thought to be the Bush Administration’s codeword for saying ‘to hell with this climate change stuff, we’ll just pass it off to the boffins’.