Infotech: 21st century man: barefoot, with broadband

A column by Infotech editor Tom Pullar-Strecker looking at the spending on spending in OECD countries on communications and how it is changing.

The OECD Communications Outlook 2009 report is available here.

Excerpt from Infotech piece: (read in full here).

“The report suggests New Zealanders need not pay over the odds for cellphone calls, an issue currently the source of much angst.

“The OECD said mobile prices in New Zealand were a little less than the OECD average, whether people’s usage was heavy, light or average.

“But the figures are based on prices consumers could pay for calls (for example by taking up some little-marketed Vodafone on account plans), rather than those they actually do pay, which the Commerce Commission notes can be quite a different thing.

“Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Ernie Newman sees other skeletons lurking in the OECD Communications Outlook 2009 report.”