NZ Herald: Climate debate adrift on rising tide of lunacy

A column by New Zealand Herald columnist Chris Barton on the climate change debate much of which has boiled over to the internet.

An excerpt: (read in full here).

“Pause and ask what motive the scientific community has to gang up and invent a phoney climate crisis. Then compare the motives ExxonMobil, or coal companies, or companies extracting oil from tar sands, might have to deny that burning fossil fuels like there’s no tomorrow could forever change our existence on the planet. Kevin may have motives too – he runs a recruitment company specialising in automotive, heavy diesel and marine industries.

Like the rest of the world we have a small but very vocal group spreading their stupi-duty. Most gather at the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition ( website – Terry Dunleavy, Vincent Gray, Owen McShane, Chris de Freitas, Brian Leyland – to name a few. It should be pointed out the Royal NZ Herald has given all of them vast amounts of space to expound their views. In a democracy, debate, no matter how barking, is allowed.