Running Hot ’08 – focus on emerging scientists

October 29 – 31, Wellington

The Running Hot conference kicks off tomorrow (October 29) and will bring together emerging scientists from around the country as interdisciplinary research and ways to collaborate on scientific projects are discussed.

International speakers jetting into Wellington for the conference include Professor Ian Foster, a grid computing expert and director of the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago. Ian, a kiwi expat, sees grid computing as comprising the key infrastructure for 21st century science. He blogs here.

Dr Henry Yeung is Professor of Economic Geography at the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore. Dr Yeung has studied closely the geography and economics of transnational corporations and is in a good position to explain the flow-on effects of the financial crisis through the Asia-Pacific region.

Other international and local speakers will present during the three-day conference which is being organised by members of Oxygen and He Waka Tangata, two groups comprising early and mid-career scientists working across a range of disciplines and eager to collaborate.

The Science Media Centre will be present during the conference, which is held at Te Papa. We will also be podcasting the presentations of the speakers. For assistance in organising interviews with scientists and keynote speakers contact the centre on 04 499 5476 or