Compact fluorescent lights and mercury poisoning

An article published in the August issue of Investigate that hit news stands on July 20 highlights concerns about energy-saving light bulbs and the risk of mercury poisoning associated with them.

The Investigate website has part of the article on display and editor Ian Wishart’s commentary.

More details on the Maine Compact Fluorescent Lamp Breakage Study Report can be found here.

For advice on the safe use and disposal of household lamps, see the Ministry for the Environment website.

Some news reports from the US on CFL bulbs

National Geographic

Australian Government guidelines on CFLs.

Some Backgrounders from the Mercury Policy Project

Breakage clean-up instructions.

February 2008 Report: Shedding Light on Mercury Risks from CFL Breakage.

If you would like to talk to an expert on the risks associated with CFLs and expsoure to mercury please contact the Science Media Centre on 04 499 5476 or