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The Science Media Centre is changing the way we work with journalists. We’re launching, the Science Media Exchange – a new web portal for journalists to access breaking science news in New Zealand and Australia.

Scimex replaces our Resource Library and will streamline how you receive scientific materials from us. It will mean easier access to embargoed press releases and journal papers as well as multimedia items.

If you are a registered journalist we will send you an invite to transfer your registration to Scimex. Journalists who haven’t registered with the SMC can sign up for Scimex. Experts and Media Officers can also register on Scimex to promote research and expertise to the media.

All embargoed media releases, journal papers and multimedia items that were previously available in the Resource Library will now be available to on Scimex to registered users who have logged in.

If you have any problems with your registration, or with accessing content on Scimex, contact the SMC on or by calling our media team on 04 499 5476


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